T-Balance Drops

T-Balance Drops

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Both men and women need healthy levels of testosterone to feel strong and have the energy needed to live their best life.

The oils used in this T-Balance Blend were chosen for their balancing properties to help your body maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

Signs that men may be low in testosterone include low semen count, decreased sex drive, reduced muscle mass, hair loss, lack of energy, and increased body fat. Signs of high testosterone in males are acne, aggressive or risk-taking behaviors, excessive body hair, headaches, high blood pressure, high libido, increased appetite.

Signs women may be low in testosterone include fatigue, feeling sluggish, low sex drive, sleep disturbances, and fertility issues. Signs of high testosterone in women are: acne, deep voice, excess hair on the face and body, increased muscle mass, irregular periods, loss of libido, irritability, thinning hair. Women with PCOS have high testosterone levels.