Swell Laundry Concentrate Pre-Filled

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Swell Blend – lemongrass, bergamot & cedarwood essential oils
Root and Splendor's Laundry Concentrate will change the way you think about laundry forever! Simply unmatched to any other laundry soap, our Laundry Concentrate:

Achieves premium results in third-parting lab testing, requiring only 1 tablespoon (1/2 fl oz) per regular load of laundry
Designed with 3 surfactants to clean all surface dirt and grime, and all 6 plant-based enzymes giving a true and deep clean at the micro level
Targets each and every stain source, leaving no stain type untouched, including blood, grease, oils, dirt, grass, wine, and so much more
Removes sources of odor, works excellent on athletic clothes
Improves softness of clothes, completely eliminating your need for fabric softener
Brightens colors and whiten whites, completely eliminating your need for bleach products
fully transparent ingredients - all 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly
Safe for all fabric types, hot and cold waters, all machine types (HE and traditional machines), and safe for all waste water systems including sewer, septic and greywater.
All hypo-allergenic, safe for all skin types and baby-friendly
No dilution necessary, simply measure 1 tablespoon and wash