OR/2018 Parfum 50ml

OR/2018 Parfum 50ml

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OR/2018 by david apel. The creator of hall of fame perfume black orchid for tom ford.
A dreamy blend of the exotic and the familiar. This exceptional perfume with a driftwood base uses little tones of sweetness – a bit of vanilla, whisky for warmth, and a rare cannabis accord to accentuate mystical incense notes. Sweet citrus, coffee aromas and edible notes of chocolate and bakery come alive on the skin as the perfume dries.

Perfumer: david apel

Top: blood orange / star anise / lemon sugar
Heart: cannabis accord / myrrh / night blooming jasmine
Base: vanilla créme / tonka / driftwood

Free of toxins, animal products, and dyes. Sustainably and responsibly sourced.