Celtic Sea Salt-BULK

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Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher sea salt is excellent for all gourmet and culinary creations based on the flavor and functionality of these semi-course diverse and delicate crystals – such as cooking, baking, cheese making, gourmet finishing (pinching), confectionary, canning, pickling, and preserving! This salt is 100% raw, Kosher, and is GMP Certified. Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher sea salt is similar to the Flower of the Ocean, more commonly known as Fleur de Sel, but with more integrity in crystal structure offering a stronger crunch and smooth crushability for ease of use. Well-balanced moisture and mineral content, Gourmet Kosher is supremely suitable for all culinary creations! Celtic Sea Salt is a 40 year old brand highly trusted as a main and essential ingredient source. It is well known for its unrefined and raw, high quality, nutritious, salt of the earth attributes. This salt is hand harvested from pristine coastal regions and hand packaged in a “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) Certified - Quality Product- facility. Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher sea salt crushes easily between your fingers and dissolves easily in low to high temperatures. The flavor is full and rich. With a “No additives ever” virtue, Celtic Sea Salt is also a natural preservative and never goes bad. Choose Gourmet Kosher as a “less coarse” salt crystal option that will enhance and blend harmoniously with unique, chef-style creations.